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Reviews about KK Amsterdam

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  • 1.0
    They are creating new accounts to hide all the negative reviews, if only I had done more research, the internet is full of negative experiences with both of them!
    we had the worst experience with these KKAmsterdam
    . They were from owners side and yet charged us 350 EUR 'contract making charges' which we later learned is never charged by anyone else in Netherlands. At the time of checkout, we had cleaned the house in detail for several days (top of kitchen shelves, large glass windows, inside oven, etc.). The owner did acknowledge the house is clean. Bianca from this agency tried very hard to point out tiny spots here and there and wrote on the sheet 'a professional cleaning is required' that she got signed from the owner. And then we get a bill of 356.95 for cleaning. Interestingly, the new tenant was a friend of a friend, and within 20 days of vacating, we got a chance to visit the apartment again, and the house was exactly in the state that we had left off with no signs of any additional cleaning whatsoever. They have a cleaning agency, and just generated a random cleaning bill. They generated a total bill of EUR 900+ including 191 EUR for laundry apparently of the bedding and towels that we hardly used as we had our own stuff, and another 125EUR laundry bill for curtains. All this despite charging us a 100EUR monthly for furnishing for the 3.5 years that we stayed. They treat expats like dummies with no respect and looking down to them. The agents were unfriendly and impersonal during check in and check out. The owner forced us out of the house after staying there for 3.5 years and despite we being pregnant. It was such a stressful time finding a house, packing, cleaning and moving. I strongly recommend everyone to stay away from this agency.
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  • It is impossible to give no/zero star, that is why KK Amsterdam gets one star.
    The company is a shame in dealing with the tenants. I had never received the inventory list of the apartment I rented through them. My comments about broken furniture never appeared in the inventory list or elsewhere. The e-mail's answered with big delay, and not answering to the questions. KK Amsterdam, through its owner, is imposing their rules posted on their site, which are not part of the contract. I have never
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  • Unprofessional service.
  • This is the WORST rental agency I have ever come across. He tried to kick us out (with 2 weeks notice) just because we asked him why he was increasing the rent. We went to a lawyer who sent him a letter saying we had the right to stay (permanent location contract) and never heard from him. Never respond to our emails or calls.
  • That guy only responds to you when he needs something off you. If you have a problem and try to reach him… well… good luck.
    I know finding a place in Amsterdam is hard, but its even more discouraging having brokers act like that, just because they can.

    Fraud. His employee that found me the house left the company. Since then he tried to hussle me out of a house I was legally permitted to stay. Probably blacklisted my phone, never returned my calls. Not much to add to the other reviews.
  • I generally do not like to share negative review but I felt like it was needed this time. I had a rental agreement with this agency and they have been fully unprofessional: contract was not ready in time, answer to our email was taking extremely long… At the end I manage to only keep my communication between me and the owner who was a very nice person:).
    Unfortunately I still had to deal with them when I moved out, even if we spent 2 days cleaning perfectly the house with my housemate they s
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  • Edit 10/11/2018:
    It's been more than 2 months and I still haven't received the last mail that was sent to that address. Extra costs in cancelling credit cards and bank passes.

    Friendly advice, DON'T DO IT, find another rental agent. If you do want to sign with them, READ THE CONTRACT VERY CAREFULLY and question everything. It took me 2 months and I had to hire a lawyer for them to back out of charging me imaginary fees. After 2 months of back and forth they finally agreed that all the stuff the
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